Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hand, Foot & Mouth Dz

Ok, my gal was down with HFMD... so am I. With so much time on my hand, I decided to cook. 1st, I got some coconut milk to use up before it spoils and too much pandan in my garden, so I baked my chocolate chip pandan cake. In addition, the strawberries and blueberries I got for my daughter is spoiling, so I baked a strawberry + blueberry shortcake.

Anyway, after my gal tried a small mouth of my pandan cake and shook her head to tell me that it is not nice and refuses to take anymore... sigh! I wonder when will she ever take my food and ask for more... Initially I blame it on the ulcers in her mouth but it's been week! Oh well, guess I need more practice!

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