Wednesday, March 10, 2010

End of 2009

Hey mummy, aren't u too heavy for the seal?


Don't Anais look like a Hong Kong Superstar?

2009 had been a wonderful year. With lots of fun with Anais and outings as a family. For the past 1yr, we managed to treat ourselves to Inagiku twice. This achievement was only possible when our dear gal manage to gain 2kgs for the past year. This is a very precious treat that we look forward to every year.

The tree was inspired by my dress!

Her smile is so bright that she makes the tree looks dull... actually the lights were not switched on... haha!

Is it aunty Eva's birthday or Anais?

We are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo what about u, u, u?

Durian party with Grandma, mummy and aunty Eva
Can't help trying to woo my daughter to join my durain party club. It is ok... I will try again in 2010!

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