Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traveling with GERD

Finally! We manage to go on a wonderful holiday with baby! We went on a 2 days trip to Hua Hin, followed by another 2 days in Bangkok, right when the riot against elected Thailand Prime Minister Somchai was taking place. So we thought traveling with a baby was challenging enough, we have a baby with GERD. Cool!
Nappy as a bib
Back at home, I had been doing so much luandry that my hand are cracking from all the detergent used. That will be the last thing I want to do on a holiday. So I bought 30 pieces of incontinence sheets (use to lay on the bed of ppl who cannot control their urine) to be used as bibs. Anyway, my baby is already using a nappy as a bib as a normal bib is not good enough to soak up her vomit.
Incontinence sheet

Tear the middle down by 1/4 or more to fit the neck.

Voila! An ultra big and leak proof bib!

That really saved me a lot of washing. Even if you do not mind washing, it is very difficult to dry the laundry as there was no where to hang the laundry and with the air con running in the hotel most of the time, you'll need to pack the wet laundry home instead.

Even after bringing so many incontinence sheets, I still pack more than enough clothing for my princess just in case. In addition, I also brought along zip lock bags to store her soiled laundry so as not to stink up our luggage. The zip lock bags also double up as a 'container' to do chemical sterilisation of her bottles, with no need to pack her steamer along.

After all, we were quite happy to only need to bring 1 big luggage for 3 person and a foldable pram during this trip with room to fit our shopping goodies upon return. No doubt it is difficult to travel with a child, it is not entirely impossible and we are lookiing forward to our next trip in San Francisco. Can't wait!

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