Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sleeping with GERD

Our baby just turned 6mth and she ended her day by throwing up in her sleep. My hubby woke up in the morning to find her covered in her own vomit. Instead of being upset with the mess that she had created, we were more worried that she got choked and were on relieved to find her breathing. We were lucky as we laid her on her side before tucking her in bed. This is especially recommended so that the stomach contents do not fall back into her breathing tract. Laying her on her side allows the vomit to empty from her mouth.

Other than the danger of getting choked, such event may even result in cyanosis. Cyanosis is a blue colouration of the skin or mucous membrane due to insufficient oxygen circulation. It is especially vulnerable in infants with GERD as some vomit could be breathed into the lungs, blocking some of the ducts to the lungs. Since our baby throws up so often, we always make sure that her skin is not blue. The is of course not very helpful since my hubby is colour deficient.

Nevertheless, we are very thankful that our baby has pass her 6mth without much incident and we really look forward for her to grow bigger, leaving GERD behind.


Janelle said...

take my hats off u! such a good mommy!

YummyMommy said...

It comes naturally in all mothers!