Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maiden flight!

This was my darling's first flight from Singapore to Bangkok! Look how excited she was. We  were very relieved that she did not cry on the plane on taking off and to our surprise, she was swallowing to equalize her ears! Though we know that feeding and pacifier will help, our baby simply hate to have anything in her mouth. :)

After all the excitement, she finally settled down with daddy to have a nap... so sweet.

Yippee! Our princess is having fun in OUR bed even though she has a beautiful cot for herself. This is a very beautiful villa at Evason Hideaway, Hua Hin. It oversees the Gulf of Siam with cows roaming the pasture just outside the villa.

This is the private pool that comes with the villa. Very nice but was too cold to swim in... hehe. I tried dipping our princess in and she came out shivering... ;p

Food in Hua Hin is of course, seafood! Fresh from the sea everyday! The most recommended seafood restaurant was 'The Hua Hin Terrace'. It is filled with tourist and has an interesting dish known as 'Fiery squids' literally as seen below. The sexiest drink we had was 'Virgin Pina Colada', yummy!

This is our sweetie pie playing goodie 2 shoes while we were having breakfast. that of course did not last for long. 

Since it was a holiday, it must feel like one, so we got a babysitter, Pung to take care of our princess for 2hrs while we booked ourselves a good massage from the 'Six Senses Spa'. We were initially disappointed that she did not seem to mind leaving us, laughing and playing happily with Pung. Upon returning, we realized that she was crying for 30mins before our return and like most babysitter would do, Pung tried feeding our princess which only brought on more fustration cause our baby hates FOOD! Nevetheless, all was well and we went for a good dinner with baby sleeping in my sarong.

All good things have to come to an end as we stayed in Bangkok for the next 2days before heading back to Singapore. I was quite delighted that I still managed to do some shopping with the baby in tow. :)

After so much fun and excitement, our Princess was reluctant to leave and refused to sleep on the plane even though she was really tired.

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