Thursday, May 26, 2011

Messy Piggy Cupcakes!

During our parents meeting session with the teachers, my hubby revealed that I love to bake. With this friday's Fairytales party coming, Ms Biliian suggested that I bake some cupcakes for the kids...TADA!

I've been baking from this recipe book 'Heavenly Cakes' by Rose Levy Beranbaum, the author of 'The Cake Bible'. Her recipe are very detailed and so far they have not failed on me. If it does, it is usually my own fault for not following closely... Which nearly happened to my cupcakes.

Well, how many 3yrs old actually like to eat cakes? In order to make a plain buttercake more interesting, I swapped some of the ingredients in place of some butterscotch....mmmm.... After mixing, the batter turned out to be very sticky. Instead of filling up 16 cups as the recipe stated, it only filled 12 of my cups.... oops... (I've got 14 kids to feed). Luckily I was baking another cake at the same time and had some extra batter to fill up 2 cups (sorry teachers, no cupcakes for you). Looking at the batter, I was prepared for them to fail in the oven. But as the baking time comes to an end, the cupcakes looked quite decent though I think it will taste like scorns.

To make up for this awful mistake, I decided to cover it with some chocolate lacquer glaze. This prove to me that I am really seriously dyslexic or idiotic. Instead of using cocoa powder, I actually used dark chocolate bar. With all the water and cream in the chocolate, the mixture was too runny. Instinctively, I tried to correct the texture by adding cocoa powder and extra gelatine. All I wanted was mud, so I do not really care.

With the finishing touch of fondant piggy on the choco mud. It really does look messy doesn't it?

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