Monday, March 7, 2011

My 2nd Princess

I was at the market as usual when I felt strong contractions. I knew that I will be in labour pretty soon but was not too sure as the contractions did not increase in frequency and intensity. Nevertheless, I just warned my hubby about it and continued to do my usual chores. It was until I noticed blood back at home then was I sure that my 2nd Princess was coming!

Just like my previous labour, I showered and called my hubby to send us to the hospital. Upon arrival, the nurses treated me like it will take a long time for my baby to arrive, so they slowly prepared me and called my gynae. I was not dilated at all, so my gynae went on to do a C-section for his other patient before attending to me. By the time he came (1hr later), I was ready to deliver.

Thank God for epidural! I was able to laugh my baby out with 5 strong pushes...but somehow my Princess has not been laughing since.... Guess I still need time to understand her demands. :) My 1st Princess was also such a lovely gal and has been very protective over her little sis ever since. :)

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