Monday, May 4, 2009

Anti Nausea band

During the 1st trimester of my pregnancy, I had the usual bout of morning sickness and in our effort to be an 'organic' mum, my hubby got me these anti nausea bands. These bands has a little button protruding out to press on a point about 3 fingers below the wrist line, between the radius and the ulna bone. This acupuncture point was believed to relieve nausea and giddiness. 

Being a skeptic, I tried and was convinced that it worked. Being prone to motion sickness, I had it with me for every plane and boat ride. I did not need any medication. The amazing thing was, it took me 8 months after giving birth to Anais to realize that it will work for her. Miraculously, it did. The result was almost instant. Was it coincident? I am not sure but her vomiting was limited to once a day probably once a week. Compared to twice a day everyday.

I sewed the band to fit her little arm and wore it on times she is prone to throw up. We diligently wore it until around 10 to 11 months old when we find her condition very stable and was feeding well on solid. The moment she stopped vomiting frequently, her body weight went up steadily.
It is a relatively safe and affordable thing to try and I highly recommend it!

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