Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Korea Trip

What a cold period to go to Korea than during its winter? Being a kiasu mum, I packed so much winter cloths for Anais only to realize that she is not afraid of the cold and instead prefers not to wear much when we are out in the cold. This has invited several criticism from the local Koreans who strongly believes in keeping the body very warm, especially a child. This is evident in their high Ginseng content diet and long sleeves fashion. It is a challenge to find anything sleeveless during my shopping there. Even their dresses for children are all in long sleeves!
It was a challenge to get her suit up and I even ended up catching her skin on her chin while zipping up. Boy, that was really painful! 

Look how happy she was! It was really cold and she just snuggle up and sleep most of the time. We also find that she drinks much faster and more in the cold!

It was a slight challenge to bring her with us as we wanted to see more snow which will require us to go up a mountain for a few days. We skipped that and went to trek another mountain, Doobongsan. It was really beautiful and serene up there but we did not climb all the way up as carrying a baby with all the heavy clothing is quite tiring for me as I have not exercised for about a year.

Food in Korea is typically korean BBQ, or steamboat. The best I remembered was the poached egg in miso served by Shila Hotel. The taste was so smooth and miso just enhances the taste and fragrance of the egg. I never knew a plain egg could taste so good!

And of course, the most important thing is that our little rascal had fun!

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Anonymous said...

Anais is so adorable in her winter outfit!