Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goat's milk

Recently we have been trying goat's milk and were wondering if it was working or it is our Baby outgrowing her condition. Since we started, we have not experience projectile vomiting or multiple vomiting in a day (crossing our fingers). The most we got is a mouthful of regurgitation that happens after a very full feed. 

We usually try to squeeze as much feed as possible as she is already drinking much lesser than required. Notwithstanding that her weight has been hovering at 7.2kg for the last 1 month, which is not a good sign. Nevertheless, Goat's milk could be our saving grace though it may not have much nutrients like DHA compared to other fortified milk. (Goats probably do not need too much brain function...). So her only source of  nutrients comes from my breast milk which is dwindling with time.

Other than lacking in these trace nutrients, Goat's milk will have a typical mutton stench should the Baby spill or regurgitate. The stench will get really bad with time to a point that the baby smells like a stable. I can only hope that my baby do not get BO when she grows up.

Other than GERD, our girl was also showing signs of food aversion and the only way that she allow food through her mouth was to be distracted. Currently, educational VCDs is my saviour and I'm still trying to cut down her need to watch TV while eating. At this point of time, as long as food gets into her, we are willing to lick the floor she walks on. That's how desperate we are... Hopefully she will eat my Salmon carrot tomato tomorrow to get the nutrients she needs!

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