Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad spanking

Feeding my baby is like taking a roller coaster ride. There are days when she will do very well and drink like a baby, but there are days when she is simply a spoiled brat. Each time she refuses to feed, she will kick, scream and roll with all her might just to get out of our clutches. Usually, we will just hold her down to make sure she finishes as much as possible. However, today I just lost my patience. After 1hr of feeding, when she decided to throw her tantrum without even finishing half her feed, I gave her a spank. That, of course led to more frustration and anger which led to more spanking. I lost count of the times I spanked her and my hand was stinging with pain, so was my heart. I almost took something else to hit her but the better of me knew it was wrong to even hit her with my bare hands. If just my hands could inflict so much hurt and pain, I cannot imagine anything else.

After all, she is only a child. What does she know? That was a regrettable spanking ever and no amount of Magic Cream can remove the trauma. Just as my hubby said it. She is classically our child, bearing the same stubborn streak like both of us and forcing our way will lead to no end.

Perhaps we should heed our pediatrician's advice to let her go hungry. Perhaps a taste of hunger will spur her to feed. Then it just occurred to me that my cat Princess also has the same issue. She is a fussy eater and will refuse to eat should she not feel like it. As such, her food was usually taken by my fat cat, George, who enjoys the double meal. This led her to be hungry earlier than her next feed and she will end up begging for food. We will always ignore her cries and for the next meal, she will gobble up her food. After a few weeks, she began to eat as we feed and she has slowly grown bigger over the years. Perhaps our baby is really behaving like a Princess. 

'Persuasion is better than force'. That, I will try to learn.

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Janelle said...

i guess the feeding must have been really stretched u to the max, else given ur patience, u won't spank.
crossing fingers that anais will grow out of this problem!

hang in there yummy mommy!