Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2nd Kiddo with GERD!!!!!

Having my worst fear coming through. My 2nd princess have GERD as well. She is very different from the 1st child though.... She will try her best to keep her feed down and swallow back whatever that comes up. Another thing we noticed was her constant need to be carried and her inability to sleep well even after 6 months. Thankfully, we noticed her breathing to be uncomfortably noisy and she snores when she sleeps. As such, we decided to see an ENT and was diagnosed with swollen Adenoid.

Adenoid is a mass of lymphatic tissue behind the nose. Apparently, a quick X-ray showed that her nose was 100% blocked. As such she suffers from the following symptoms:

  1. Gasping for air while drinking
  2. Sleeping with her mouth open and waking up often to breath and cry
  3. Funny breathing sound, like wheezing
  4. Gastric reflux due to the negative pressure from the blocked nose
  5. Low food intake due to low oxygen intake leading to slow growth

At 6 months old, we really did not want her to go under the knife to remove the inflamed adenoid tissue as anaesthesia may have dire effects on really young child. As such, we tried using steroid nasal spray for 1 month. When it did not show sign of improvement, we had to take the worst choice and prayed really hard.

Even though the surgery was really quick like 5mins, it felt like forever. I could see my baby looking at me with faith and trust before she knocked out from the anaesthesia in my hands. When she woke up, she just could not stop crying and held on to me for dear life.

Challenges aside, my little princess recovered really fast. Within days, she was able to drink double of what she was taking for the last 3 months. From 90mls of milk to 180mls of milk! Suffice to say, the surgery was a success and it eradicated her GERD! Within 1 month post surgery, she was eating and drinking like a regular kid and growing up fast. It was just astounding and we really thank God for seeing us through the growth of our children!

Eating by herself at 18months.

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