Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My First Blog

Ok... I know it is a little late that I embrace the new fab to have a blog. Well, at least is it still not obselete. :) So now I'm glad to have my first blog. Boy am I surprised at how easy it is to start one. So this shows that I'm not so 'sua ku', still can keep up with times and hopefully my daughter who will grow up playing with even more sophisticated technology in the future.

So what took me so long? Well, I'm a very busy person you know... holding a full time job, studying part time, dating my ex boyfriend, now my hubby, got married, have baby... worse still, a baby that pukes everyday almost for all feeds. So why now? Simple... now my full time job is to babysit Baby Anais which only involves feeding, mopping up vomit and playing. Actually, the more compelling reason for this blog is to dedicate a site for infant gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which my dear daughter is having. It is a very rare feeding problem with limited medical cure and management. Not only so, there were very limited information on it as well. This is especially so in Singapore. Therefore, I will like to consolidate related sites and share personal information and experience for fellow parents facing the same challenge... you are not alone. :)

As I still have one final exam on 6 Nov 08, the subsequent blog with information on GERD will only come after that. So hang on!

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